Tangerine Dream - Quichotte (1980) (Live @ Palast der Republik)

Gleefully mined from the archives at a large outdoor flea market in Berlin. This is a German edition wiith no English text on the cover, so it makes it a somewhat nice little rarity of a find for me (the album wasn’t originally released in the UK in this edition?). It also finally represents the appearance of an appropriate citrus fruit on their album sleeve. Overall, I prefer 70s TD and like them less as more blatant melody come into use and the atmospherics reduce. This album is about halfway between the 2 periods, still containing elements of the ‘Rubycon’ or ‘Encore’ albums, but moving closer to the more compact and cleaner 80s sound. Still, Quichotte Part One is pretty wicked and it still never fails to impress me just how tight they were musically considering the synchronisation limitations of the pre-MIDI equipment back then.  

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